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Compression and Mastectomy

Taking Care of You

Compression and Mastectomy Care That Helps You Feel More Comfortable and Confident. 

At Body In Motion, we know that dealing with edema and navigating post-mastectomy care can present you with unique challenges, discomfort, and pain that impacts how you live your daily life.

We believe that trying to find the right prosthesis or compression garment shouldn’t require you to overextend yourself or visit dozens of potential providers in search of the perfect fit.

So, when you visit one of our offices you’ll find a welcoming team of trained professionals who can help you find what you need to feel more comfortable and more confident.

If you’d like to have our team help you find the right compression or mastectomy prosthetic solution for you, you can give us a call at 888-272-2303 or complete our contact form here.

Compression stockings for leg lymphedema

Post-Mastectomy Care

We specialize in post-mastectomy breast prosthetics and the tailor-made bras that hold them.

These prosthetics are perfect for those who do not wish to have full breast reconstruction or who can not have such surgery for personal or medical reasons.

We find that these bras and prosthetics allow the women we work with to feel more confident in their appearance and more comfortable as they move through the world day-to-day.

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Compression For Edema and Lymphatic Drainage

Whether you have lymphatic damage or had your lymph nodes removed during a mastectomy edema treatment and lymphatic drainage can become complicated and painful.

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Reduce Swelling, Restore Comfort

The good news is that many times, the swelling that you experience after a mastectomy or while living with another health condition can be treated with compression garments. Whether you’re dealing with swelling, lymphatic drainage issues, edema, or another physical challenge, compression garments can often bring relief to your circulatory system, lymphatic system, and even your kidneys.

Woman putting on compression garment wit

The Best Care From The Right Professionals

The expert team at Body In Motion can help you reduce swelling and the pain and discomfort that often accompany that swelling by providing you with custom garments to address the area of your body that needs it and we offer both ready-made and custom solutions from major brands including Jobst, Medi, Juzo, Sigvaris, and Lymphdivas. So, you always get the treatment that suits your needs, high-quality materials, and the best level of care possible.

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Let’s Connect

If these solutions sound like a good fit for you or you’d just like to learn more about how Body In Motion can help you feel your best, give us a call at 888-272-2303 or complete our contact form here.

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Working With Us

Getting the right Compression and Post-Mastectomy care are some of the most powerful and personal challenges you face.

If you’re wondering how we can help you, take a look at what our patients say about working with us

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