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Prosthetics that fit your needs and help you live your life without limits.

One thing you should know about working with Body In Motion: We don’t really believe in “impossible”. That’s why we take the time to help you explore all the possibilities that exist for your prosthetic care and we continue to offer the most revolutionary technology available to help you reach those big goals you have as you move forward.

Whether you need a device for your upper body or one that supports you from above or below the knee, our team of prosthetists will help you make important decisions and find the right prosthetic for you.

You can learn more about how we help you customize your prosthetic solution by completing our contact form here.


Future Focused Prosthetic Solutions

Prosthetic technology is always evolving and you’ll want a team in your corner to make sure you have the latest technology at your disposal and the best prosthetic solution for your condition and your goals. And that’s exactly what you’ll have when you work with Body In Motion. Our team is continuously advancing our own knowledge and revolutionizing the field itself with our own custom-designed prosthetic solutions.

In fact, we were the first company in New Jersey to offer a full advocacy program helping patients with their physicians and insurance companies.

And we offer The Infinite Socket, A custom-molded, modular, and dynamic socket system for below the knee and above the knee patients that enables clinicians and patients to adjust the socket in response to activity, pressure areas, and the body’s shape change so that it conforms seamlessly to the limb and provides an elevated level of comfort.

Compassionate Care From Compassionate Experts

Whenever we work with you to address a prosthesis for your amputation, we provide you with an initial consultation where we plan and coordinate care with your physical therapist, physician, and other key players in your treatment (including your loved ones). 

This appointment allows us to create the right solution for you based on your needs and your goals for the future so that you always remain empowered and informed.

Whether you’re a new amputee or you’ve had prior experience with prosthetics, we’ll work with you to help you understand your options, to get clear on your goals, and to help you regain mobility, comfort, and confidence as you move through the world and live life without limitations.

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We’re here to help you with all your needs. Get in touch by phone or email to book an appointment, to ask questions or to find out more information.

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Get Started Now

If you’re looking for a higher standard of care, a compassionate team, and a real change in your life, we’d love to connect you with you.

Complete our contact form here or give us a call at 888-272-2303.

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Patient Experiences That Speak For Themselves

At Body In Motion, using the latest prosthetic technology is just the beginning.
What really makes the difference is how you feel when we work together.
Here’s what some of our patients think about our efforts.

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Everyone at Body In Motion Sports are friendly n courteous and will help with all your needs I highly recommend them.

J. Falcomato

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Want to Start Your Own Success Story?

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