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Wound Care and Shoes

There’s so much to consider when you’re managing your wellbeing, especially if you’re living with diabetes or another health condition. You probably already know that when your foot circulation and sensation become a challenge, proper wound care and the right shoes can be the difference between managing your condition and facing a potential amputation.

Proper wound care, on the other hand, can help you take care of yourself without overwhelming your daily life with worries about whether you’re doing enough to manage your condition or care for your body.

You have enough to do as you manage your diabetes or other health conditions and you don’t have to do any of that alone.

That’s why our team of specialists works with you to find the proper, specially designed therapeutic footwear and why we help you plan and receive the right wound care treatments for your unique needs and goals. Many of the offloading devices we manufacture are unique and proprietary to Body in Motion alone; they have been field tested and their efficacy has a long track record of success.

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Black Gym Shoes

Diabetic and Extra Depth Shoes

From diabetic socks, inserts to customized shoes, we’ll provide you with the perfect footwear solution for your needs. We carry over 15 manufacturers of shoes and sneakers; and if your foot shape is unique and unable to be accommodated with anything presently on the market, we also offer custom molded shoes

Flat Feet Care

Wound Care Management

Whether you suffer from peripheral neuropathy, poor circulation, immune issues, or other challenges, you may find it challenging to even feel when you have a cut, scrape, or open wound.

Even if you’re following all of the other guidance from your doctor, checking your feet each day, and taking time off your feet, you may not be addressing your wound care in the most effective manner. And that can have dire consequences.

In fact, wound care can be the difference between keeping and losing a limb because it helps you prevent the spread of infection and(because you’re seeing your specialist regularly) take better care of yourself overall.


Offloading devices

Offloading devices are some of the best treatments for addressing plantar diabetic foot ulcers because they reduce pressure placed on the affected area during daily activity.

But there’s not a single offloading device that’s right for every patient and choosing between a removable or non-removable option is just the beginning. We have numerous proprietary applications and treatments that are unique to only us 

That’s why our team takes the time to get to know what your unique challenges are and helps you find the right offloading device for you.

So, what’s the result of seeking proper wound care and the right foot care solution?

Our patients find that working with us means less discomfort and a far lower risk for serious complications down the line. We have a proven track record for healing the most chronic foot ulcerations.

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Take Charge of Your Foot and Wound Care

Reach out to us today by using our contact form here or giving us a call at 888-272-2303

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How It Feels To Work With Us

From seamless socks to custom-designed orthopedic shoes, our team helps you stay well.
But you don’t have to take our word for it. Here’s what our clients say about working with us.

When I arrived for my appointment I was greeted by Brooke, the receptionist. She is a very bubbly, people person individual who makes you feel like part of the Body in Motion family.
Brooke took care of the paper work and was able to answer any questions I had.
My technician, John, is an ACE! He is extremely knowledgeable, friendly & professional. He explained every step in my exam and was very caring & assuring.


P. Salonis

Brook and Debbie have been friendly, professional, and have always done everything to make my appointments a complete success. Upon entering, there's Brook with a smile on her face and a positive attitude in all. Then there's Debbie who made sure that the neurologist completed all required documents for me to get my leg braces. Both are caring women who work to make sure I am treated with respect and compassion. These two women are examples of how terrific Body in Motion is the best place to use!


First time patient. Received same day appointment and was told to “come on over.” Was greeted by a wonderful, outgoing receptionist. Zero wait time. By the time I finished the short intake form, I was taken back by John Caputo, DO - who happens to be the President of the practice. John was great too. Asked me questions and recommended a brace that fit comfortably - allowing me to continue my daily work and exercise routine in my standard shoe. Highly recommend, would go again (but hopefully I won’t have to).


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Want To Get The Best Care Possible?

Give us a call at 888-272-2303 or fill out our contact form here.
We can’t wait to hear from you!

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