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Team Spotlight: Desiree Marcus and Post-Mastectomy Care at Body-In Motion

Body In Motion is proud to introduce Desiree Marcus, an ABC-certified orthotic and mastectomy fitter. Desiree is a compassionate and experienced member of our team, helping women as they recover from mastectomy surgery.

This month we’re excited to put our Staff Spotlight on Desiree Marcus. Desiree was a patient before she joined our Body In Motion team and we couldn’t be more excited to share her story and her expertise with you.

Desiree is an ABC certified orthotic and mastectomy fitter. She is an experienced compression specialist who works closely with the patients and their therapists to find the best garment for their needs.

Desiree’s certification and experience mean that she can provide garments for any part of the body whether the need is a result of lymphedema, venous insufficiency, or even burns.

Body in Motion works closely with all of the major compression brands so Desiree is not limited in what she can offer each patient. Body in Motion is one of the few companies that can get these garments covered by private insurances. And that means that you get the right garment for your needs regardless of what kind of insurance you might have.

Desiree knows the importance of providing amazing and supportive client care and brings that compassion and attention to detail to her work with those who need post-mastectomy fittings. She enjoys working with each patient to find the perfect balance between appearance and comfort.

Post-mastectomy care is a personal process and the needs of those Body In Motion serves are never one-size-fits-all. Surgery, especially a mastectomy has its own physical and emotional challenges as well. Women report changes in their sense of self and their body image in addition to the understandable physical symptoms that typically follow any procedure of that magnitude. And this can leave you with an array of new challenges and new questions.

That’s why Desiree takes time to find out what each woman hopes to achieve, asks about their lifestyle, and guides them through the process of finding the items that will make them feel most like themselves again.

She also offers consultations for women who are faced with mastectomy surgery that want to be better prepared for the aftermath of that surgery. Many women find this very helpful and feel empowered going into their surgery knowing that they have a plan moving forward.

Desiree’s passion and compassion are evident in all she does here at Body In Motion. If you or someone you love is preparing for their mastectomy, we invite you to reach out to Desiree and our team to schedule an appointment for a consultation.

Our entire Body In Motion team is ready to walk beside you as you move through your surgery process. We know what it’s like to prepare for and recover from these procedures and we can help you navigate the road ahead with peace of mind and confidence that you will find your way to feeling like yourself again.

We strive to set your mind at ease and to give you the best post-mastectomy care possible. So, give us a call today or click here to learn more about Post-Mastectomy Care at Body In Motion.

We can’t wait to connect with you!

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